New Publication

Another publication just came out: “States of Reproduction: The Co-Production of Queer & Trans Parenthood” 2nd author Gabriele Griffin, Journal of Gender Studies.

Presentation at 36th Law and Mental Health Conference, Rome

My next upcoming presentation will be in the panel on “Feminist and Queer Bioethical Approaches” at the 36th International Congress on Law and Mental Health, 21-26 July, University of International Studies of Rome.

Poster at ESHRE 2019

My poster presentation had the title: Policy Recommendations for Queer and Trans Reproduction with Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Europe. P-336 in the Ethics and Law panel of the poster presentations at ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) 2019, 23-26 June, Vienna.

States of Parenthood: Race and Nation in Contemporary Queer and Trans Reproduction

Here is the program of the international Symposium "States of Parenthood: Race and Nation in Contemporary Queer and Trans Reproduction"

Thursday April 25

9.30-10.00          Coffee and registrations

10.00-10.30        Welcome & Introduction

               Doris Leibetseder & Ulrika Dahl

10.30-12.30        Panel 1: Racial relations, mediated intimacies   

Chair: Ulrika Dahl

Damien Riggs: Movement in space: The intersections of whiteness and cisgenderism (via skype)

Jaya Keaney: Telling a good story: race and origin stories in queer transnational surrogacy (via skype)

Rikke Andreassen: Mediated kinship

12.30-13.30        Lunch at Matikum

13.30-15.30        Panel 2: The queer politics of reproductive justice

Chair: Doris Leibetseder

Ugo Edu: Fugitive Rights Bearers

Marcin Smietana: Queer kinship and LGBTQ reproduction in a stratified world – options for reproductive justice?  

Julian Honkasalo: Transgender parenthood in the era of climate change: a social justice perspective

15.30-16.00        Coffee

16.15-17.30        Keynote I by Camisha Russell:  I Just Want Children Like Me 

               Venue: Geijersalen, Engelska Parken

Chair & discussant: Rikke Andreassen

19.00     Dinner at Meza Östra Ågatan 11,

Friday April 26  

9.00-11.00          Panel 3: Reproducing gendered and sexual difference

Chair: Jenny Gunnarsson Payne

Anna Malmqvist: Fear of childbirth in lesbian, bisexual, transgender people: Results from an interview study

Julia Teschlade: Trapped in the hegemonic order? Gay fathers oscillating between heteronormative family narratives and queering kinship. 

Marilyn Crawshaw: Whose rights? Whose interests? Lifespan considerations following assisted reproduction

11.00-11.30        Coffee

11.30-13.30        Panel 4: The biopolitics and policies of queer and trans reproduction

Chair: Ulrika Dahl

Joanna Mizielinska & Agata Stacinska: Queer Parents and Stateless Children in Their Search for Recognition

Doris Leibetseder: Policy recommendations for queer and trans reproduction in Europe

Jenny Gunnarsson Payne: Old Battles in a New Context Researching queer reproduction in the midst of Europe’s Culture War

13.30-14.30        Lunch

14.30-16.00        Keynote lecture by Del LaGrace Volcano: ‘Resistance is fertile: A queerly twisted transnational path to parenthood’

               Venue: 21-0031 (next to Humanistiska Teatern)

Chair: Julian Honkasalo

Followed by a panel discussion with Del Grace Volcano, Cal Orre, and Axel Repka

16.00-16.30        Closing discussion

Open Lecture II

Open Lecture I

Symposium "States of Parenthood: Race & Nation in Contemporary QT Reproduction" in April 2019!

States of Parenthood: Race and Nation in Contemporary Queer and Trans Reproduction

International Symposium

Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, April 25-26 2019

Convenors: Ulrika Dahl and Doris Leibetseder

with public keynotes by Camisha Russel and Del LaGraceVolcano.

Stay Tuned! Program coming up soon!

Special Issue on 'Queer & Trans Reproduction in Europe' is out

Our Special Issue in the Journal of International Women's Studies (20:1, Dec 2018) is out!

Here is the link to the introduction written by Gabriele Griffin and me: and here is my article on 'Queer and Trans Reproduction in Poland, Spain and Sweden': .

Thank you all who contributed!


Conference "Close Relations" My Talk

I will present at this conference on Thursday, 25 Oct, at 12.00: Programme is here:

About the conference:
Close Relations offers a platform for exploring urgent issues for critical family and kinship studies, across disciplines and areas. Few questions raise more heated debate than those of family and kinship, and few areas demonstrate more clearly the interconnectedness of the private and the public.

Recent years have witnessed a growing emphasis on "family values" in the EU, with ongoing debates about marriage, migration, procreative practices, parental leave, meanings of childhood, and gendered divisions of (care) labour. In a time marked by globalization and migration, as well as neoliberalism and the rise of nationalism, an increasing recognition of non-conventional families and kin constellations has run parallel with re-affirmations of the nuclear family form. Growing anxieties around the (welfare) state’s (future) ability to care for its citizens also refocuses the family’s caretaking and wealth extending function.

Close Relations wishes to explore how changes in family and kin formation materialize in everyday lives, in stories, in fiction and art; how they are facilitated, contested, or hindered in cultural, political, legal, and medical contexts; how close relations play out, become closer or closed off, in specific contexts and situations.


Conference "Close Relations"

CFP "Trans and Queer Reproduction"

During the Gender Conference in Turku Nov 22-24,, I am organising a workshop on trans and queer reproduction. The deadline for the call for papers has been extended to Sep 14. If you are interested to present at my workshop, please contact me (more details on abstract etc. are in the conference link) and feel free to share the CFP!

Workshop details:

Trans & Queer Reproduction: Legal, Cultural and Socioeconomic Challenges

Language: English

Workshop coordinator:

Doris Leibetseder,, Uppsala University, Sweden

Changes in the legal access to ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) for trans and queer people in different countries have created both challenges and possibilities for LGBTQ-people’s reproduction. Some trans and queer people circumvent restrictive laws (not only concerning LGBTQ access to ART, but also still existing sterilization-requirement laws, or limiting the technological access by age, relationship status and class) in their own country and make use of fertility travels. However, there are many cases where those either travelling or using local ARTs still experience legal and administrative problems with birth and parental certificates.

This workshop will explore what the challenges for trans and queer reproduction are, and how they might be solved. The purpose of this workshop is firstly, to provide an opportunity for the participants to present their diverse views and research findings on the subject and secondly, to create an interdisciplinary network where we can plan publications, project submissions or LGBTIQ-community outreach activities together.

Conference "Remaking Reproduction"

I will be at the "Remaking Reproduction" conference at Cambridge University, UK from 27-29 June:

My contribution on "Queer and Trans Reproduction in 6 EU-States" will happen during the Trans Roundtable on Friday 13.30-15.00.


Call For Participants

Queer and Trans Reproduction & Assisted Reproductive Technologies (artificial insemination, IVF, surrogacy, etc.)

Are you a LGBTIAQ-person (self-defining as lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, asexual, queer or trans), do you want to use or have used Assisted Reproductive Technologies, and you live in Austria, Estonia, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK?

If your answer to this is yes, you are aged 21+, and you are able to speak and understand English, I would like to invite you to take part in this study on queer and transgender experiences with ARTs.

My name is Dr Doris Leibetseder and I am a researcher and Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at Uppsala University, Sweden, working with my faculty advisors Professor Gabriele Griffin and Professor Ulrika Dahl on this study.

Why take part?

This research will contribute to articulating the experiences, rights and challenges of queer and trans people with ARTs. The final aim is to provide guidelines for queer- and trans-inclusive European ART-regulations.

If you agree to participate in this research, you can fill in the online-survey (approx. 15 min), which will involve questions about your experiences and challenges with ARTs and your suggestions for improvement.

Here is the link to the survey:

More information about the study:


Online-survey now active!

Queer and Trans Reproduction with ART – Participate in Study with Survey & Interviews!

Are you a LGBTIAQ-person (self-defining as lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, asexual, queer or trans) and do you want to use or have used Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs, such as artificial insemination, IVF, surrogacy, etc.)? If your answer to this is yes, you are aged 21+, and you are able to speak and understand English, I would like to invite you to take part in this study on queer and trans experiences with ARTs:

More information about the study is here:



Workshop "Queer and Trans Reproduction" 3-4 May

Program of International Workshop: Queer and Transgender Reproduction with ART: Legal, Cultural and Socioeconomic Challenges”

3-4 May 2018, KWB-Room, Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University


Thursday, 3 May 2018


Welcome: Gabriele Griffin - Reproductive Journeys

Jenny Gunnarsson Payne (Södertörn Högskola): From Anticipated Infertility to Transformed Parenthood: Transgender Reproduction in Sweden

Beatriz San Román (Autonomous University of Barcelona): Spain: a European Queer Reproduction Destiny




LGBTQ Reproduction with ART in Central Eastern Europe

Hana Hašková (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague): Negotiating Limits and Expansion of the Access To Assisted Reproduction Technologies Beyond Heterosexual Couples in a Post-Socialist Context

Judit Takács (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest): Fertility Plans and Family Practices of Gays, Lesbians and Trans* People in Central Eastern Europe


DINNER (speakers): Basilico, Svartbäcksgatan 24, Uppsala


Friday, 4 May 2018


Introduction Day 2: Ulrika Dahl - Transgender Reproduction: ART and Law

Stu Marvel (Emory Univ., Univ. of Leeds): Legislative Tangles in LGBTQ Family Law: Exploring Gender Identity, Reproductive Assistance, and the Children’s Act in Denmark

Julie McCandless (Kent Law School): Transgender Parents Challenging Birth Registration: a UK Case Study

Julian Honkasalo (Univ. of Helsinki): Finnish Trans Reproduction: An Ethical and Political Debate




Queer and Transgender Access to ART in Europe

Isabelle Engeli (Univ. of Bath): When Policies Shape Reproductive Choices: the Regulation of LGBTQI Access to ART across Europe

Doris Leibetseder (Uppsala University): Trying to Make Queer and Trans Kin – The Challenges of ART in Europe


LUNCH (speakers): Café Slottet, Uppsala Castle


Chair: Doris Leibetseder, Gabriele Griffin, Ulrika Dahl – Conclusions & Planning: Publication, Project;      Good Byes


Talk at "Reproductive Rights, Ethics, and Politics" in Turku

After an invitation I will present "QT Reproduction: Queer and Transgender Use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies" at the seminar "Reproductive Rights, Ethics, and Politics" on March 28 at Turku University. This seminar is organised by the Center for the Study of Bioethics Finland, Rainbow Families Finland and University of Turku Philosophy. More:



Work in Progress

It has been a while and I spent most of the time preparing for fieldwork, obtaining ethical approvals, writing the first article for this project - a comparison of ART-laws for LGBT-people in different European countries -, editing a book on bioprecarity, preparing and organizing a workshop, etc. And an article was published in bioethics ”Queer Reproduction Revisited and Why Race, Class and Citizenship Still Matters: A Response to Cristina Richie” Bioethics 32/2, 2018. DOI: 10.1111/bioe.12416.

Here is a short overview of what I did so far: 

Ethical Approvals:

  • Ethical approvals by EC and the corresponding Swedish ethical approval by the Regional Ethics Committee in Uppsala (Regionala Etikprövningsnämnden Uppsala) Nr. 2017/434 have been obtained. The approvals are kept on file. Another ethical approval is required by the Research Ethics Committee of the University of Tartu. Preparations and translation in Estonian for the application are completed.


  • Preparations for the online-survey are finishing in Feb. 2018. The online-survey should go live towards the end of February 2018 in at least four countries: Austria, Spain, Sweden and UK, after the ethical approval has been obtained also in Estonia and Poland.

Project Communication


  • Training on communication with actors outside academia: ”Critical Thinking for Public Discourse” was completed in Nov 2017, ”Media Training” Jan 2018.



  • ”Queer Reproduction Revisited and Why Race, Class and Citizenship Still Matters: A Response to Cristina Richie” Bioethics 32/2, 2018. DOI: 10.1111/bioe.12416.
  • Another article on “Trying to Make Queer and Trans Kin – The challenges of ART in Europe” will be finished within the next weeks and ready for submission to Science as Culture.
  • Edited Book outline with Prof. Gabriele Griffin on Bioprecarity: Body and Intimate Labour + 2 completed chapters submitted for contract to Manchester University Press.
  • Chapter on “Bioprecarity Through Categorical Framing” submitted for edited Bioprecarity: Body and Intimate Labour book.

Organization of international workshop:

  • Preparations for international workshop on ”Queer and Transgender Reproduction” at Uppsala University, 3-4 May 2018: 12 speakers invited and agreed on talking, preliminary program, funding application for event (travels, food, accommodation for speakers) submitted to Riksbanken.



  • ”Reproduction Rights, Ethics and Politics”, Seminar, 28 March 2018, University of Turku. Title of Talk: ”QT Reproduction: Queer and Transgender Use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies”.

Conference acceptance

  • Roundtable session on transgender reproduction at the “Remaking Reproduction: The Global Politics of Reproductive Technologies” Conference 27-29 June 2018 at the University of Cambridge:

Conference application

  • Submitted to ”Close Relations: a Multi- and Interdisciplinary Conference on Critical Family and Kinship Studies”, 24-26 Oct 2018, Uppsala University.

Welcome to the QTReproART blog!

In this blog I will share regular postings of the project’s activities, my thoughts whilst working on it, and information about other relevant events in the field of queer and transgender (LGBTIQ) reproduction with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

In addition to the project’s website the blog will allow me to give an update more often and in an informal way, kind of “behind the scenes” on my work and insights. This will make it easier for a more general audience to understand my project. Most important a possibility for a two-way communication is created with this blog, to engage you better with the topic of my project and I will take your feedback in the comments into consideration.

I am looking forward to building the blog that will hopefully also grow with your comments as I embark on this new journey and project! Thanks for stopping by! And please share!